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Jean Lipinski (Blalock)

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07/25/12 11:30 PM #1    

Susan Fields (Lipsey)

Jeannie and I Were friends in our Junior and Senior year of High School.  I loved her like a sister.  

I stayed with Jeannie and her family through a summer and part of my senior year, her step-mother Bev (at that time) saw after us, taught us some lifelong manners and made us act like young ladies,  At times in the evening we would gather around her Bev's piano, and listen to Bev sing with her beautiful voice.   

Jeannie's Dad, like my own, were officers in the military, and weren't around much of the time, but Bev bravely took in  two step-daughters and myself  all in our mid teen years, and was raising Robyn, her adopted daughter who was about four at the time.

Jeannie and I were both in love with two different young men named John, and we laughed and cried together over our loves, and hurts and joys and disappointments.

After school, we did not see one another again until 1974, when we ran into one another at the law firm where she was working.  We agreed to stay in touch, exchanging phone numbers, and sadly, we never did reconnect.  Life being what it was at that time.

I will never forget her though.  She taught me how to type faster by typing along with the words  to the Dottie West songs on  the country music records we both loved so much.   We would go to the High School and pretend we were good at tennis, though we both sucked royally at it, although having great fun in our disasterous attempts at trying.  

I would bitch at her early in the mornings to hurry in the bathroom because she was meticulous with her hair and make-up, hot rollers and hair spray, beautifully created eyebrows and a great figure in her clothes.    I on the other hand just let my hair grow long and straight, and never wore make-up.

A quiet party here and there, but nothing to offending since we both loved and respected Bev, and she trusted us.

Good bye old friendm may we one day meet again.

Debbie Fields

08/17/12 02:15 PM #2    

Norma Guzman (Kiernan)

I was also good friends with Jeani in high school (Hi, Deb!) and although we lost contact in the 80's, I got a call  from Jeani one morning in the early 90's and we have kept in touch ever since.  She used to come out almost every year and rent a big place where she and her husband and her grown kids and grandkids could have a great vacation.  I don't know why we didn't take more pictures!

Jeani died in January of 2011 from lung cancer, leaving behind the sweetest husband, Barry, and three grown daughters.  She loved her Georgia home, her animals and plants, her family and even her job.  I miss her very much, but Barry has come out from Georgia to see us and I keep in touch with him.

Love you, Jeani, and think of you every day.  Rest in Peace!




P.S.  I had a photo I wanted to post, but when I click "upload photos" it goes to my profile, so I guess I can't?  It is a photo of Jeani and I at one of our PHS reunions, maybe about 2005.

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